Sep 25, 2020|

JD Health Offers Integrated Online-Offline Psychiatric Services


by Hui Zhang

JD Health reviewed its journey of setting up a closed loop of online and offline psychiatric services, at the 18th National Psychiatric Conference of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the 14th National Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry held in Guangzhou last week.

Accessible services

Since the start of the pandemic, JD Health has been exploring “online+” psychiatric services. JD Health helped Peking University Sixth Hospital, the Affiliated Brain Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Tianjin Mental Health Center, and CMA to set up consultation platforms. The platforms provide frontline medical staff and patients with online psychological assistance and counseling services to help them alleviate anxiety brought on by long hours working in a high-stress environment.

JD Health has also organized psychiatric experts to provide psychological counseling during the outbreak. The live-streams are free to the public to help reduce their anxiety related to the epidemic.

In addition to online consultations and knowledge sharing through livestreams, JD Health also reserved a special space in JD’s App to make it easy for JD’s consumers to access psychological consultations. JD Health also worked with enterprises to provide health tips and psychiatric assistance to their employees.

Construct Online-Hospital

JD Health has leveraged its advantages in big data, AI, smart supply chain and financial services to help hospitals and medical institutions, such as Tianjin Mental Health Center and the Affiliated Brain Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, to transition online.

Online medical services make it easy for patients to receive follow-up treatments and purchase medicine online, and also contributes to disease prevention. For disease prevention, JD Health partnered with hospitals to develop WeChat mini-programs to provide free physical examinations to local residents so as to ensure early detection and early treatment. Meanwhile, JD Health leveraged its AI technology to customize wearable devices in order to trace patients’ wellness and integrate data with that from hospitals.

According to official data, the proportion of people with unhealthy mental conditions has reached 1/3 of the global population.