Sep 25, 2020|

JD Digits Prospectus: Long-Term Commitment to CSR


by Ling Cao

According to JD Digits (JDD)’ prospectus for its planned IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, JDD concentrates on creating long-term value for the society, in order to promote sustainable development. JD’s social responsibility concept is focused around four words: digital, inclusive, innovation and connection.

During the epidemic, JDD provided free robotics support for 302 medical institutions, local government and municipal organizations. JDD will also open this technology to benefit more small and medium companies.

“We don’t plan on manufacturing robots. Our strategy is to establish the technology infrastructure and platform so third parties can build their own robots as quickly as possible,” said Cao Peng, vice president and head of AI technology and robotics at JDD.

JDD has also donated over 700 contactless smart cashing machines for over 200 supermarkets or convenience stores in Hubei and Zhejiang provinces to use, which can improve safety and efficiency. JDD has also worked with some of charity foundations to provide medical supplies to Hubei province.

JDD has leveraged its capabilities in technology, finance and supply chain  for small and micro enterprises with smart farming, helping them get through the pandemic.

JDD has also leveraged AI and big data to provide smart transportation and environmental protection solutions, covering atmosphere, water, soil, noise and solid waste. All steps in the process can be integrated and traced. For example, by analyzing shared bikes tracing information, as well as on the spot research, JDD can help local governments develop more a more efficient bicycle lane layout, increasing safety and improving traffic flow.

The company also leverages technology to optimize efficiency in the energy industry. Powered by AI, JDD can help factories increase the boiler thermal efficiency of a thermal power unit, thus saving coal consumption and pollution control costs. The solution has applied for 14 invention patents, and earned the 30 Best AI Use Case of the Year award from 2019 Synced Machine Intelligence Awards.

Dr. Xianyuan Zhan, a data scientist at JDD said, “The experience gained from the AI powered thermal power program may be used in other energy and more complex industrial situations, creating more value for the society.”