Sep 21, 2020|

JD Health Opens Foot and Ankle Center with Online and Offline Services


by Vivian Yang

JD Health launched a foot and ankle center that aims to leverage the “online+healthcare” model to provide 24/7 professional medical services both online and offline for a wider range of patients, especially those in lower-tier cities.

The center, which was announced on September 18th at a ceremony in Beijing, will be headed by Professor Jianzhong Zhang, director of the ankle surgery department of Beijing Tongren Hospital. He will be joined by a number of top-level experts in the field.

In recent years, the demand for foot and ankle care in China has risen steadily, with an increase in fitness activities resulting in more sports injuries. Additionally, people are more likely to seek treatment for ailments that might have been overlooked in the past, including hallux valgus, and heel and plantar pain—all common among physical workers in lower-tier cities in China. The center aims to make service more accessible for this population and others.

In addition to online medical consultation via text, video and phone calls, and more, the center can also organize expert consultation for patients with more severe symptoms and provide booking assistance to patients who require face-to-face doctor appointments in hospitals across the country.

As rehabilitation services are an integral part of the overall treatment for foot and ankle diseases, the center will collaborate with a broad network of hospitals to offer rehabilitation booking services, ensuring that patients receive best-in-class care both offline and online.

Additionally, in an effort to support the development of professional equipment and stringent safety standards, JD Health will make full use of its supply chain strength to collaborate with manufacturers and leverage doctors’expertise on alignment of equipment standards.