Sep 21, 2020| and Red Cross Society of China Launch “Charity Kitchen” For Farmers’ Products


by Yuchuan Wang has joined hands with the Red Cross Society of China to launch a “Charity Kitchen” crowd-funding project, which will help over 200 poverty-stricken counties in China sell local specialties nationwide on JD’s e-commerce platform.

“JD’s collaboration with Red Cross on the charity kitchen project will help gain nationwide awareness for those nameless but quality agricultural products such as red sugar from Guizhou, tea from Anhui, beef from Shaanxi, and will help local farmers earn sustainably,” said the project leader.

Consumers can access the project by searching “Charity Kitchen” on JD’s app. In addition to crowd funding, JD will also select a batch of the best products to receive livestreaming resources that will drive greater sales.

Charity Kitchen subscribes to the idea that “consumption is charity”. The initiative selects quality products from areas around China to be sold through a crowd-funding model, bringing considerable income to poor farmers.