Feb 2, 2021|

JD Health Opens Smart TCM Internet Hospital in Henan


by Vivian Yang

JD Health launched its first internet hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Henan province on Jan. 28. The hospital is established in partnership with the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine. By leveraging JD’s big data, AI, 5G and other technologies, some traditional diagnosis practices of TCM doctors can now be realized via the internet.

According to the TCM diagnosis process, doctors need to understand the overall health situation of the patients by observing their faces, mental state, skin and more. “Now these examinations can be realized online through sharing video and images of the patients, especially pictures of the tongue, which provides essential information for doctors to make judgments,” said a spokesperson of JD Health.

JD Health also employed NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to standardize and integrate TCM herbals and prescriptions into the hospital’s pharmaceutical management IT system. This not only helps reduce doctors’ workloads, but also can enhance the medication safety enabled by JD Health’s smart drug review system known as “PharmCOO”.

AI technologies are also used in the clinical service guiding and triage part of the internet hospital, by analyzing patients’ symptoms and doctor’s expertise, the system can make the patient-doctor match more precisely and efficiently.

To follow the standard process of TCM diagnosis in which doctor would ask a number of questions about their patient’s health status, the platform designed a simple form for online patients  to fill out before the consultation, so that doctors can quickly have a grasp of their patient’s background information in a more efficient way.

“We strive to develop the platform to be similar to the normal work habits of TCM doctors. They do not need to spend much time  to learn the system or type out prescriptions,” said the spokesperson.

At present, 36 medical departments of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of TCM have opened services on JD Health, with more than 80% of doctors already seeing patients online.

Dongyuan Wang, general manager of the smart medicine department of JD Health said: “JD Health will continue to integrate its platform and technological resources with more hospitals in the future, to explore innovative online offerings of high-quality offline medical resources, so as to improve users’ experience and hospitals’ management efficiency. “

After the medical consultation on the internet hospital platform, patients can choose and pay for medicines on JD.com and enjoy fast drug delivery to their doorsteps by JD Logistics. The one-stop experience presents a safe and efficient alternative for people who need TCM treatment, especially during the pandemic.