Feb 2, 2021|

JD Big Data: Consumers Buy International Brands for Chinese New Year


by Yuchuan Wang

Due to the spike of COVID-19 in January, many people especially those young professionals may choose to stay in the cities where they work instead of traveling to their hometowns, and this phenomenon has led to many new consumption trends even for international brands.

According to JD’s sales data (Jan. 1 – Jan. 25 2021, versus the same period of time on the lunar calendar in 2020), imported spirits and wine are seeing the fastest sales growth rates in tier-1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, that gather the largest number of migrant young professionals in China.

While wine consumption sees the fastest growth rate among consumers aged 56 years old and above, which probably because consumers believe that drinking proper amount of wine is good to their health.

Healthcare products and services continue to grow during the new year period as a result of the pandemic, and international branded health products are leading the ranking with a year-on-year growth rate of over 343%. Best-selling healthcare products include hemopiezometer by Japanese brand OMRON, mask by US brand 3M and liquid calcium by Australian brand Bio Island.

Young consumers buy more entertaining products, for example, consumption of international branded computers and digital products constitute over 50% of the total consumption made by consumers aged between 16 and 25 on JD.com. Consumers aged between 46 and 55 consume 30% of their total purchase on imported goods for home appliances. Both generations choose to buy international brands out of the good quality and advanced functions.

“The pandemic has increased the demand for international brands among Chinese consumers due to travel restrictions,” said a representative from JD Worldwide, JD’s e-commerce channel for imported products. “This Spring Festival, we will provide sufficient offerings of international brands products with the best deals.”