Mar 29, 2021|

JD Health Releases 2020 Annual Results


by Ella Kidron

JD Health released its financial year 2020 annual results on Mar. 29. This is the first annual results the company has released since its listing on Hong Kong Stock Exchange ( 6618.HK) on Dec. 8, 2020. The company announced net revenue of RMB 19.38 billion, an increase of 78.8% YOY. Profit (on a non-IFRS basis) was RMB 0.75 billion.

In his letter to shareholders, JD Health CEO Lijun Xin commented on the company’s efforts to leverage its strength in supply chain and medical and health services to support the frontlines under COVID-19 and to provide much needed support to its users all across the country.

Xin wrote, “With six years of development under our belts, our development strategy has become increasingly clear: We strive to create a technology-driven platform that is centered on the supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and strengthened by healthcare services, encompassing a user’s full lifespan for all healthcare needs.”

The company’s superior user experience and professional services have continuously enhanced trust and confidence in the platform, driving JD Health to 89.8 million annual active user accounts as of Dec. 31, 2020. Furthermore, benefitting from the platform’s scale and strong supply chain ability is an attractive proposition for partners. As of Dec. 31, 2020, there were over more than 20 million SKUs on the JD Health platform, and the online marketplace had attracted over 12,000 third party merchants.

A selection of highlights from the results is below:

JD Health FY 2020 Results Highlights