Dec 17, 2020|

JD Health Sees Strong Sales Growth in Service Sector on Super Brand Day


by Hui Zhang

JD Health witnessed strong sales growth in the service sector on Dec. 15, the super brand day for JD Health service, with the number of JD Health users and those who paid for health services increasing by 146% YOY and 438% YOY respectively.

According to JD Health’s data, the consultation volume on JD’s internet hospital increased by 4.45 times on Dec.15 YOY, and increased by 2.1 times on JD Health’s TCM center compared with the daily basis over the previous 7 days. On Dec. 15, the number of users who contracted family doctor services increased by 60 times YOY and the consultation volume increased by 10 times compared with the daily basis in December.

In addition to online consultation services, sales of medicine on JD Health also saw rapid growth on the super brand day. JD’s data reveals that sales of family medical supply kits increased by 4 times YOY and sales of cross-border medicine increased by 104% YOY.

JD Health not only sells medicine, but also cooperates with offline pharmacies to provide fast drug delivery. Through cooperation with offline pharmacies, JD Health developed an omnichannel medicine delivery service to help pharmacies benefit more financially, while providing rapid drug delivery services to patients. The service now covers first-tier to fifth-tier cities in 28 provinces across China to solve consumers’ urgent need for medicine. On the super brand day, sales generated from the omnichannel medicine delivery service increased by 7.9 times YOY and the number of orders increased by 5.1 times YOY.

In addition to online consultations and medication sales, JD Health is also a destination for Chinese consumers to purchase medical devices, dietary supplements, and other medical services such as vaccination and medical examination. JD’s data shows that sales of Omron, the Japanese leading medical equipment manufacturer; Yuwell, a Chinese leading medical equipment manufacturer; and Durex, a global condom brand, increased by 70%, 120% and 102% respectively YOY. Sales of vaccines exceeded 13 times YOY and that of medical examinations increased by 8 times YOY. For dietary supplements, sales of Swisse and By-Health increased by 174% and 148% respectively YOY.

“The strong sales growth reveals consumers’ trust of JD Health and relies on JD Health for health management,” said a merchandising manager from JD Health. “JD Health has always positioned itself as a supply chain-centered, medical service-based and digitally-driven health management platform that covers the full life cycle and healthcare scenarios for its customers.”