Apr 2, 2021|

JD Health to Provide Services for Children with Autism


by Vivian Yang

JD Health and PKUcare Brain Health, China’s leading research and treatment platform for childhood psychiatric health, announced to build a platform for children with autism on Apr. 2, World Autism Awareness Day.

The platform will bring online and offline resources together to create one-stop services that range from knowledge popularization, medical screening, and diagnosis to rehabilitation for children with mental health disorders.

“The treatment and rehabilitation for children with autism spectrum disorder and other mental disorders is often a long-term process. Our collaboration with JD Health will concentrate more premier resources to provide continued and tailored support to our child patients and their families,” said Lei Wang, general manager of PKUCare Brain Health at the cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Beijing.

JD Health and PKUcare Brain Health,Fangyi Jin (left) and Lei Wang (right) at the signing ceremony

Fangyi Jin (left) and Lei Wang (right) at the signing ceremony

The two sides will work together to form a nationwide network to carry out child development screening, diagnosis and rehabilitation for children up to age 14, and provide tools, medicines, pharmaceutical products and life necessities for 500,000 medical workers and caregivers in primary hospitals and healthcare centers to improve their service capabilities.

JD Health will also provide patients with constant health management services including online consultation, doctor revisiting, periodic follow-ups and more. Besides, the company will work with PKUCare Brain Health on developing healthcare and rehabilitation products to offer more diversified and affordable choices for patients.

Since its launch in April 2020, JD Health’s online psychological consultation platform has been active in cooperating with doctors, hospitals and industry associations to bring high-quality psychological treatment online. The platform now has more than 7,000 psychologists who can provide customers with timely and convenient advice not only during their online consultation process but also when customers select medicines on JD Health that have high relevance to mental illnesses, offering early intervention in the treatment process.

“For children with mental health development disorders, early testing, diagnosis and intervention are key to effective treatment and rehabilitation,” noted Fangyi Jin, general manager of specialized internet hospitals of JD Health, “JD Health will continue to strengthen collaboration with PKUCare Brain Health and other industry partners to provide  efficient and long-term healthcare services for children in need, helping them to better fit into society and letting their families enjoy a healthy and happier life.”

The healthcare platform for children with autism on JD Health

The healthcare platform for children with autism on JD Health

According to PKUCare Brain Health’s report, China has about three million children with autism. The platform aims to cover over 140 million people in China affected by autism including the children themselves and their family members.

PKUCare Brain Health is under Peking University’s healthcare group and co-founded by Peking University’s Sixth Hospital that specializes in clinical psychiatric studies. By the end of 2019, the company has supported over 250,000 children with mental health disorders and established collaboration with nearly 300 offline healthcare centers for children with autism across the country.