Apr 1, 2021|

Fresh Produce Merchants in Shanghai: Attracting more Young Customers via JD


by Ling Cao

After JD recently announced that it will help nearly a hundred fresh produce markets in Shanghai go digital, merchants in one included market are already feeling the impact of that cooperation.

“My sales have gradually increased, and more young customers are purchasing my products,” said Mr. Wang, a merchant who operates a tofu stall at Kangwu fresh produce market in Shanghai. “The traditional fresh produce market has faced operation challenges with less foot traffic, so it’s important that we embrace the online platforms.”

JD has also offered support and guidance in increasing sales and cutting costs, Wang said. For example, JD suggested adjusting package sizing for online orders to suit younger customers’ preferences.

This is the first time for Mr. Wang to do business with an online platform. “I would purchase products on JD as well, and many of my customers do too, so it’s easier to talk with them about my online channels and they are willing to try ordering online from my stall.”

Mr. Hu, another merchant at the same market, has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He expressed a positive attitude toward this business model.

“Especially during night time when I’ve closed the offline stall, customers can still make orders online, and JD’s system will alert me in the next morning, making it convenient for me and my customers,” he said.

Mr. Hu shared that nowadays the offline market is mostly frequented by senior customers, while JD’s online platform is an important addition to attract youngsters who are busy at work and lack the time to visit offline markets. “I hope more and more young people can purchase my products via JD’s online platform,” he said.

Additionally, online channels can also benefit Mr. Hu’s existing customers, giving them more flexibility to purchase daily necessities from their favored stall online or offline.

JD’s market digitalization program has already covered Xuhui, Jing’an and Changning districts in Shanghai, and is on the way to cover  broader area in Shanghai.