Jun 10, 2020|

JD Health Unveils Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation Center


by Tracy Yang

On June 7th, JD Health’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation Center was officially unveiled. This center brings together experts from TCM hospitals. Based on experts’ areas of focus, consultation desks covering nephropathy, respiration, andrology, oncology, endocrine, gynecology, cardio-cerebrovascular are set up through the initiative.

This center can not only provide patients with online consultation, group consultation and other services, but can also provide tailored services. For example, with the online prescription function, doctors can give patients TCM prescriptions in a variety of dosage forms, slices, granules, powders, water pills, honey pills and paste.

“JD Health’s TCM Center has built an academic + technology-driven online and offline integrated service model through cooperation with national medical masters, veteran Chinese medicine experts, academic teams and national academic institutions of TCM. It will become the backbone of the scientific and technological innovation for TCM on the Internet.” said, Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

While providing high-quality TCM services to patients, JD Health has also launched a series of measures to ensure the safety and experience of users seeking medical treatment. In terms of technical support, JD Health will provide advanced equipment, including wearable devices, to collect patients’ health information. The look, listen and inquiry in the diagnosis and treatment of TCM can be completed online. In order to check the pulse of patients, the current solution is to cooperate with local offline doctors to complete the collection of patient medical information, and to have well-known doctors ultimately make a comprehensive diagnosis online.

In addition, this center will also have live broadcast and other special services. JD Health will partner with experts to share the popular science knowledge of TCM with users on a regular basis and popularize the concept of treating diseases with TCM. Users can also interact with famous medical experts through live broadcast, so as to better carry out health care and disease prevention in their daily life.