Jun 10, 2020|

JD.com Stock Material Center: China’s First Royalty-Free Stock Material Center Advocating for IPR Protection


by Yuchuan Wang

JD.com has released the JD Stock Material Center, which is the first royalty-free platform specifically intended for its merchants to use. The company, which got its start by committing to only sell authentic products, expects to drive copyright protection in the e-commerce industry. JD’s KOLs and merchants can access the center for free to meet all visual needs for the promotion of their products on JD, saving them hundreds of millions of RMB while protecting the IPR.

JD Stock Material Center, available for free for merchants and KOLs on JD’s platform

According to JD, on average, a merchant will use at least hundreds of images and dozens of fonts every year, spending thousands of RMB. In addition to costs, merchants also need to be concerned about copyright violations during the design process. The JD Stock Material Center will offer over 100 million quality royalty-free stock images and a diversified selection of mainstream fonts to meet the needs of online merchants.

Using AI technology, the platform is able to recognize text and images automatically and categorize fonts by style. JD also established an operations team dedicated to helping merchants find the materials most suited to their needs.

Jiandong Pei, vice president at JD Retail said, “We will continue to invest in protecting copyright and build a copyright protection system for the e-commerce industry. JD will also advocate for the continuous improvement and development of the visual materials ecosystem for society at large.”