Sep 8, 2020|

JD Health: When Internet Meets Acupuncture


by Vivian Yang

JD Health’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) center will cooperate with the Beijing Acupuncture Alliance TCM Development Company (北京针联传统医学开发公司) to promote acupuncture and TCM online.

Based on an agreement signed on September 4th, the two parties will work to integrate online and offline resources and spread awareness for TCM products and services both domestically and internationally.

Acupuncture treatment is an important component of TCM, and has been increasingly recognized outside of China. According to Liming Guo, general manager of the company, the company has provided acupuncture training to 30,000 people from overseas in recent years.

In fact, TCM has long received positive attention on the international stage. Guo recalled a famous case from the 1970s, in which former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei visited the renowned Chinese acupuncturist Professor Puren He in hopes of relieving hypertension. The Professor selected three acupoints, applying his bloodletting needles to achieve immediate lasting results.

“TCM is a lifestyle,” said Ximu Li, head of JD Health’s TCM center. TCM has now evolved to be a form of self-care, promoting disease prevention and overall wellness, he said.