Sep 8, 2020|

JD Super Predicts Annual Sales of over RMB 800 Billion Yuan in 2023


by Rachel Liu

JD Super,’s online supermarket, announced that it expects to achieve annual sales of over RMB 800 billion yuan in 2023 during a virtual press conference for 9.9(September 9th ) JD Super Festival, which marks the founding of JD Super. During the virtual event, JD Super also launched its “TOUCH +” strategy that focuses on omnichannel expansion, which involves integrating the different ways people enjoy shopping—online or offline

“This year COVID-19 has brought many challenges for the offline economy, but it has also brought opportunities for omnichannel development,” said Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omnichannel. “We hope to take this opportunity and focus on the essence of retail, which is about cost, efficiency and customer experience. We’d like to help customers buy any products they want in all kinds of scenarios, and continue to work with our partners to achieve growth.”

Last year, JD Super launched an earlier version of the strategy called “TOUCH,” focusing on targeted customer operations, omnichannel solutions, unique products, competitive prices and holistic marketing. During COVID-19, JD Super’s reliable service and ability to deliver high-quality products were recognized by consumers and brand partners.

This year, JD Super has upgraded the strategy to “TOUCH +”, which aims to integrate offline and online products and services to serve customers’ needs better, optimize the supply chain capability, reach customers through omnichannel marketing with more targeted customer operations. began to develop the omnichannel fulfillment program in 2019, which is a supply chain innovation program that leverages offline retail outlets located near customers to directly deliver orders made on the e-commerce site—an innovation which in many cities has resulted in 29-minute delivery.

The program now covers 216 cities in cooperation with over 300 retailers, 1 million offline stores including chain supermarkets, pet stores, liquors stores, grocery stores and more.

Now, the data from that program is being used to develop a digital product that can help brand partners understand customer profiles and sales performance in different areas, which can help brands provide more targeted marketing campaigns and customer operations.

Additionally, with years of experience in building supply chains, JD Super has been able to build a smart, integrated supply chain middle platform, ensuring that it can source the most suitable products for customers. What’s more, JD Super can work more closely with the brands, industrial belts and factories to design more products based on customers’ different preferences.

When it comes to marketing, the omnichannel approach enables JD Super to break the barriers of channels and categories, to leverage all kinds of online and offline scenarios and reach customers repeatedly, to improve the effect of marketing campaigns.

Omnichannel has become a trend for the whole retail industry,” Ping Zhao, vice president of Academy of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade said. “The efforts that JD Super is making on ominchannel enables customers to enjoy the same level of products and services whether they’re shopping online or offline.”

Brands will enjoy a more holistic picture with detailed customer profiles and shopping preferences, which can boost their ability to serve customers well. Additionally, JD Super can leverage big data to achieve targeted marketing both online and offline, and use C2M to discover customers’ needs and develop new products.

“Omnichannel will not only provide customers with a better shopping experience, but also help brands embrace the trend of digital transformation,” Zhao said.