Oct 30, 2020|

JD Helps Elderly People Enjoy More E-commerce Benefits


by Rachel Liu

The JD Home Appliance Flagship store in Deyang, Sichuan province launched a service area specifically for elderly people to help them learn to use electronics products, making their lives easier and providing more convenience for their shopping experience.

Internet-based services that make life more convenient pose some challenges for elderly who are not used to the technology. According to Mengkang Wu, head of the JD Home Appliance flagship store in Deyang, over 6% of customers visiting the store are over 60 years old, and the percentage will be higher during Singles Day. The staff in the service area will recommend easy-to-operate products for elderly consumers. After customers bought products, the staff would show them how to use the products, and leave their phone number in case they need help at a later time. The store also provides free services to encourage elderly customers to try the products in store, such as provide free clothes steaming services using the steamers in store.

“I feel like I am too old to keep up the trends,” an elderly customer in the store said. “Now in China, every payment is made through mobile phone. Hospital appointments are usually made by young people through phone too. It’s also hard for us to get taxis on the streets because most taxis have already been booked online. The service area that JD has launched is very helpful for me. My kids are all working in other cities, so I always come here to ask the staff for help.”

The service area that JD has launched is very helpful for me.

The service is designed for elderly down to the last detail. For example, name tags of staff are extra-large, and staff are instructed to speak louder and adjust the font size on their phone screens. The store also has cooking classes, a massage  area and a movie area, which has attracted many elderly people to spend their free time there.

“JD has an omnichannel business ecosystem, so we also need to provide the best experience for all customers offline. We have the responsibility to help elderly people solve their problems and enjoy their lives,” said Wu.

JD’s customer service team is also making efforts to optimize the service for elderly people. Feng Zhou, a JD customer service employee recently helped over 500 elderly villagers apply for medicine subsidies.

Suibin is a poor village in Heilongjiang province, and most of the young people have left the village to work in cities, leaving elderly people who don’t know how to use mobile phones  shopping online. A village official in Suibin learned about JD Health’s project to provide over RMB 1000 yuan of subsidies to purchase medicine, and asked for Zhou to help the over 500 elderly people apply for the subsidy – a task he completed in the span of four days. “The project can help the elderly people save RMB 1000 yuan every year, and they can use the money to buy more clothes and nutritious food. I am glad to be able to make my contribution on the project,” said Zhou.

In the future, JD will continue to optimized the service for elderly customers and streamline the process for after-sale service.