Oct 30, 2020|

JD Shares Insights with Executives during HP and SAP-Hosted Event


by Ella Kidron

JD participated in an event hosted by HP and SAP on the China opportunity titled, “A New Era for Globalization – The China Wave” on October 28th. The event, which was held virtually, gathered nearly 50 technology executives from Fortune 500 companies based in the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway).

Christina Boutrup, renowned author and journalist, gave the opening presentation, focusing on the “Chinese tech revolution.” “We tend to underestimate China and Chinese companies,” she said. She explained that not only are Chinese companies developing leading innovation in areas like 5G, AI, solar, electric cars and more, but also that China’s technology-driven approach to COVID-19 control – such as the apps for people’s health codes based on previous destinations traveled and temperature sensors. In her talk, Boutrup mentioned that companies like JD are paving the way in Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) and omnichannel, among other areas. Last year Boutrup published The Great Tech Revolution, a book focused on Chinese innovation, in both English and Danish. JD was featured in the book. Following the event, Boutrup also posted on her LinkedIn, writing “the future is happening right now – in China!”

Christina Boutrup’s LinkedIn post

JD shared on how, in addition to its eight consecutive-year commitment to keep delivering during Chinese New Year, agility, as well as technology played a key role in its support of the fight against COVID-19. From January 20th to February 28th, JD supplied 220 million food items weighing 290,000 tons. JD Health’s online medical consultations platform handled over 10 million requests during the epidemic period. Additionally, the company deployed autonomous delivery robots for contactless delivery in Wuhan. ‘Da Bai’, the robot that was used to make deliveries to key hospitals was made part of the National Museum’s exhibition on the fight against the virus.

Participants were curious about JD’s C2M model. As people are demanding more health-related appliances following the outbreak, JD has worked with several leading home appliances brands to create products that address this need. JD and LG alone have developed seven C2M refrigerators and washing machines in just two months.