Apr 19, 2021|

JD Helps MRO Start-ups in Wuhan Grow Business


by Ling Cao

JD has helped several MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) start-ups in Wuhan, Hubei province grow their businesses. On the latest Hubei enterprise promotion day held by JD Business on Apr. 12, JD saw clients’ enthusiasm in purchasing MRO related products. Kailei Li, sales general manager at JD Business shared today, “The campaign is part of JD’s long-term cooperation with local MRO enterprises, aiming to help them increase sales.”

Li added, “JD has accumulated many corporate clients during its years of procurement technology and service platform building, which can help with resource matching between enterprises and clients.”

Qiqiao, a Wuhan-based MRO enterprise is a start-up which joined the campaign and also opened a store on JD Business. In March 2020, when Wuhan was under lockdown, the company’s JD store achieved sales growth of 500% compared with that of January 2020. The company’s annual operating income in 2020 hit over RMB 50 million yuan, a good performance after only one-year of operation.

Established in August 2019, COVID-19 presented significant challenges for the Qiqiao. Xin Lei, founder and chairman, quickly decided to turn the business to online.

Lei shared, “When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, our employees were working remotely and we efficiently connected with our clients via JD’s MRO platform on a daily basis. We even hired 10 more employees to run our business, ensuring normal operations.”

In addition to the online platform, JD has also helped Qiqiao with logistics and delivery, transporting clients’ orders from warehouses in Anhui and Guangdong provinces when Wuhan was shut down.

JD has also helped Qiqiao connect with more new clients, such as the electromechanical branch under Beijing Subway.

Lei is optimistic about the future, “In 2021, sales on JD are expected to surpass RMB 200 million yuan. We are confident and will continue to putting efforts in our business development.”