Mar 10, 2020|

JD Helps Pharmaceutical Merchants Resume Business


by Hui Zhang

JD Medicine Procurement (Yao Jingcai), a medicine procurement platform of JD Health’s B2B business, has leveraged JD’s supply chain and logistics capabilities to ensure medial supply to pharmacies and clinics in a timely manner, and helped its pharmaceutical merchants resume business during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ninety percent of the merchants on the platform have resumed normal operations, and the number of consumers placing orders on the platform increased by 150% from Feb.1st to March 5th y-o-y.

JD Medicine Procurement (Yao Jingcai), a medicine procurement platform of JD Health’s B2B business

JD’s data revealed that on February 1st, less than 15% of the merchants on the platform could accept orders normally, and that the majority of them couldn’t guarantee timely delivery due to lack of supply. Puren Pharmaceutical company in Guangshui, a city in Hubei province, is the main medication supplier to pharmacies and clinics in the cities of Suizhou and Xiaogan in Hubei province, and faced challenges handling orders due to COVID-19.

JD Medicine Procurement platform helped Puren resume business by coordinating several pharmaceutical companies to supply medicine to the company and delivering medicine to its targeted pharmacies and clinics via JD Logistics. Puren also donated medical supplies, valued at 100,000 RMB, to the Guangshui Coronavirus Prevention and Control department with the help of JD Logistics.

For pharmaceutical companies whose employees cannot return to work duirng the epidemic, JD Medicine Procurement offers support for their online operations by arranging JD staff to handle their online orders 24/7.

In addition, JD Medicine Procurement platform also expanded its business to include non-medical epidemic prevention supplies, such as masks, disinfectant, alcohol, and goggles, to manage the increasing demand for medical supplies from across the country. In February, a total of eight million items were successfully delivered via the platform.