Mar 11, 2020|

JD Provided Over 100,000 Bedding Sets for Wuhan


by Yuchuan Wang’s “Emergency Resources Information Platform” received an urgent request from the municipal government of Dongxihu District in Wuhan in February to procure daily necessities for the opening of a temporary hospital. JD’s FacStore business quickly matched the request with supplies and delivered all materials within 18 hours. At present, JD FacStore has provided over 100,000 sets of bedding supplies to Wuhan’s temporary hospitals and hotels.

As JD’s enterprise membership procurement platform for the hospitality industry, FacStore is connected to JD’s over 270,000 merchants and nearly 1,000 industry manufacturers and suppliers. This access and resourcing enabled FacStore to secure over 60,000 sets of bedding supplies and electric kettles among others in within as little as two hours and deliver to the hospital in time leveraging JD’s in-house logistics capability.

In addition to securing supply for the hospitals, FacStore also provided materials for local hotels in Wuhan that are temporarily being used as accommodation for patients and medical staff. Wuhan’s SSAW Boutique hotel is one of them, where Wuhan Puai Hospital’s frontline medical staff have been staying during the epidemic since January. Given the shortage of bedding supplies, JD FacStore helped source 2,400 sets donated by Renmin University alumni and delivered via JD Logistics.

“We did not expect JD to be able to deliver such a large volume of materials in such a short time during the epidemic,” said Hairong Wang, general manager of Wuhan SSAW Boutique hotel, “We are grateful for JD’s support to the frontline and for the donation from Renmin University’s alumni.”

“During the epidemic, FacStore cooperates with our upstream and downstream partners to provide efficient sourcing and procurement services for the frontline. We will continue to fully leverage our technology and supply chain advantages to ensure operations resume for the hotel sector.” Said Zihao Tang, General Manager of Business Innovation at JD Business.