May 9, 2020|

JD Launches Cloud-based Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform


by Yuchuan Wang

Today, JD announced the release of a cloud-based BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) platform jointly developed by JD Digits and JD Cloud & AI. The platform will reduce the barrier to entry for SMEs and other companies with the need of informatization, and provide more agile access for them to make use of JD’s blockchain technologies quickly.

SMEs lacking blockchain professionals and technology infrastructure will no longer need to be intimidated by the development and application of blockchain. They can now purchase underlying blockchain technology resources and services with one click. The initiative also supports immediate activation of consortium chain in seconds upon purchase. JD’s cloud-based BaaS platform will further lead the industry in the development of one-stop solutions that are easier for businesses to access, use, operate and maintain.

As a pioneer in the application of blockchain technology, initially introduced blockchain to track and trace the source and supply chain of products on its platform in 2017. As of the end of last year, JD has implemented blockchain to trace over 70,000 SKUs from over 800 brands. In 2019, the company opened its self-developed blockchain framework JD Chain to businesses, through which companies can build their own solutions from the ground up, starting from the underlying architecture, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of their individual businesses, without relying on pre-built APIs.