May 31, 2021|

JD Logistics CEO Eyes External Business Growth: Financial Times


by Ling Cao

JD Logistics (JDL) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) on Friday, May 28 with the ticker 2618.HK. JD Logistics CEO Yui Yu is confident the company’s external business will continue its rapid rise, he told the Financial Times (FT).

According to FT, JDL’s external customer base maintained a triple digit growth rate in the first quarter.

“In the future, JD Logistics will take ‘driving superior efficiency and sustainability for the global supply chain’ as its mission and use its technology-driven integrated supply chain to maximize its support of the real economy and the development of new businesses, and continue to provide clients with a high quality experience, and enable them to enjoy the most trustworthy service. We will also work with our partners to reduce social logistics costs and drive efficiency improvement for business and society,” Yu said in his remarks during the ceremony today at JD’s headquarters in Beijing.

An executive from one of JDL’s important partners, Skechers, told FT that JDL’s services are both efficient and priced well.

The Skechers executive was among the representatives who participated in JDL’s gong-ringing listing ceremony on stage, a group that included JDL’s customers, clients, and frontline employees.

Skechers started its cooperation with JDL in 2019. JDL helped the U.S. lifestyle leader optimize its warehousing network planning and the inter-regional merchandise distribution for Skechers’ e-commerce business in China.

As a result, Skechers’ weighted average fulfillment costs were reduced by 11%, and its weighted average delivery time in China was reduced by approximately five hours.