Dec 14, 2020|

JD Logistics’ Cold Chain Recognized by Industry


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics’ strong cold chain infrastructure and technology ability has won five industry awards, all announced on Dec. 11. These awards include “Top 10 Comprehensive Logistics Service Provider”, “China Cold Chain Industry Enterprise of the Year”, and “Advanced Enterprise in COVID-19 Prevention and Control 2020” by the Cold Chain Logistics Committee of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP), and “Comprehensive Cold Chain Logistics Enterprise of the Year” and “Cold Chain Landmark Enterprise” by the Annual Meeting of China Cold Chain Industry.

Zhengwei Shan, head of JD Cold Chain products (fifth from right)

JD continues to strengthen its cold chain capabilities. During the 2020 World Digital Agriculture Conference held in Guangzhou this past weekend, JD Logistics also inked a partnership with Guangdong Baishun Agriculture Supply Chain Group, China Unicom and Baidu to jointly promote the construction of a “shared industrial cold chain alliance”. Aiming to strengthen cooperation throughout the entire agricultural supply chain, JD Logistics will provide its infrastructural and technological abilities in the initiative.

Since 2014, JD Logistics has built out an extensive cold chain logistics network, launching JD Cold Chain in 2018. As a leading F2B2C (Factory-to-Business-to-Consumer) service platform for cold chain warehousing, transportation and delivery, JD Cold Chain now operates 50 cold chain warehouses that enable cold chain fulfillment in 300 cities, providing one-stop logistics services for fresh produce, medical supplies and more goods.

“We have built a supply chain technology platform that covers underlying technology, soft and hardware systems and smart supply chain for cold chain logistics,” said Ben Wang from JD Cold Chain. “With the opening up of JD’s cold chain abilities, we hope to help drive the development of the industry.”