Jun 17, 2021|

JD Logistics Helps Xiaomi Youpin Build North China Center


by Yuchuan Wang

The Xiaomi Youpin North China Warehousing and Distribution Center powered by JD Logistics (JDL) officially commenced operations on Jun. 11. As an enhancement of the supply chain cooperation between the two parties, the center will provide Xiaomi Youpin one-stop logistics services such as storage and distribution covering all categories of products to its customers in north and northeast China.

During the trial operations at the beginning of June, Xiaomi Youpin’s products were delivered same and next-day to customers in Beijing and Tianjin – the same level that JD’s customers in these areas enjoy – thanks to JD’s advanced logistics management system.

“Our partnership with JDL not only accelerates the delivery of Xiaomi Youpin’s products, but also offers a better customer experience,” said Fang Bai, general manager of Xiaomi Youpin. “We look forward to collaborating with JDL to create the best shopping experience and establishing a new industry benchmark.”

Yunfeng Shi, General Manager of JDL’s North China branch said that the deepened cooperation will further stimulate the potential of technology-powered integrated supply chain services in the e-commerce industry, which will contribute to the reduction of logistics costs and the improvement of industrial efficiency.

JDL and Xiaomi Youpin plan to launch another logistics center in South China in the near future and will collaborate in national warehousing network design, order forecast, smart replenishment and more.

Xiaomi Youpin is a lifestyle e-commerce platform under Xiaomi. JDL started providing logistics services to Xiaomi Youpin since 2018, including opening up its nationwide transportation and delivery network to the brand.