Jun 8, 2022|

JD Logistics Initiates New Standard to Lead Low-Carbon Deliveries


by Vivian Yang

JD Logistics (JDL) released its original packaging standard, the DWOP (Delivered with Original Package) certification, on June 5, which marks World Environment Day and the fifth anniversary of JD’s sustainability program, the “Green Stream Initiative”.

Partnering with a number of leading brands and manufacturers including P&G, Unilever, BRITA and more, JDL renewed an ambitious green packaging goal to apply DWOP to over 80% of packages for products sold via e-commerce channels by 2030.

This certification standard is the first of its kind in China’s e-commerce logistics industry and validates the results of JD and its partners’ collective testing efforts along the supply chain on tens of thousands of product SKUs over the past five years. These efforts have saved the use of 10 billion disposable packages and involved the participation of more than 300,000 enterprises and hundreds of millions of customers.

JD’s Green Steam Delivery Boxes

Three requirements must be met for JDL’s DWOP standard: First, these packages need to pass JDL’s transportation test to ensure delivery safety; second, the rate of packaging space, that is the ratio of empty space in the packaging to the packaging’s internal volume, should be less than 20% so as to avoid over-packaging; thirdly, packaging needs to be recyclable, with no EPS packaging or materials with excessive residue of heavy metals or other harmful substances.. Additionally, primary color cartons are encouraged to reduce the use of printing ink.

Participating brands’ packages based on DWOP standards 

Package samples of brand merchants need to be certified by third-party testing institutions based on DWOP standards, and JDL is now working closely with carbon reduction experts on low-carbon packaging standards.

JDL also unveiled the new logo of DWOP packages based on the green and circular concept. The three arrows composing the outer circle represent consumers, brands and JD.com, as a closed-loop supply chain. A carbon box and a leaf symbolize the green packaging goal inside the circle.

DWOP products have been included in JD’s new Green Impact Initiative, by which environmentally friendly products are green-labeled for consumers’ easier recognition. The initiative is being launched during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion as an extended bid of JD’s drive for responsible consumption on the demand side. Additionally, JDL’s DWOP standard has also been written into the Chinese State Council’s green packaging development plan in 2020, providing a valuable reference for the whole industry’s low-carbon transformation.