Apr 12, 2023|

JD Logistics Launches the World’s First Supply Chain Emission Management Platform for Logistics Industry


by Yuchuan Wang

On April 11, JD Logistics, in collaboration with the Green Supply Chain Committee of the All-China Environment Federation, proudly introduced the world’s first Supply Chain Emission Management Platform (SCEMP) for logistics industry. This groundbreaking logistics transportation carbon footprint management platform accurately calculates carbon emissions based on the actual routes of transportation vehicles, providing unparalleled granularity.

Verified to encompass over 140 types of carbon emission factors for road transportation in China, SCEMP is the first of its kind in global logistics supply chain carbon management. The platform aims to facilitate efficient and cost-effective carbon reduction strategies for a multitude of companies.

In addition, JD Logistics has forged a strategic partnership with Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services. This alliance will foster innovation in intelligent logistics, digitalization, supply chain services, and more, ultimately empowering enterprises to expedite their carbon emission reduction efforts.

SCEMP enables transparent monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of mobile emission sources, as well as the creation of a calculation model for supply chain logistics transportation. The platform’s results adhere to ISO14064/14067, PAS standards, and governmental carbon disclosure requirements, such as those mandated by China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Its robust database supports the accuracy and validity of primary data collection, effectively addressing the challenge of monitoring mobile emission sources.

The platform provides detailed insights into a company’s logistics transportation carbon emissions within specific time frames, generating graphics that illustrate the correlation between orders and emissions. It also showcases the distribution of mobile emission sources by fuel type, laying the groundwork for targeted carbon reduction initiatives. For individual orders, SCEMP displays carbon footprints based on time and location requirements.

Companies can effortlessly generate carbon emission reports and request carbon verification services with a single click. SCEMP offers comprehensive data analysis, evaluations, and various carbon accounting methods to construct a complete carbon emission analysis model, ensuring full-process management of logistics transportation MRV.

JD Logistics and BV’s partnership aspires to transform enterprises into exemplary, influential low-carbon logistics leaders on a national scale. Together, they will develop cutting-edge, user-friendly, diverse, intelligent, digital, and integrated carbon-neutral products and services, promoting industry-leading digital carbon-neutral MRV solutions for comprehensive carbon emission MRV management. Moreover, JD Logistics and BV will offer ESG support to help enterprises and industries enhance their ESG ratings.