Apr 13, 2021|

JD Logistics Supports Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Test Run


by Ella Kidron

The organizers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics finished 10 days of test events on Apr. 10. The test provides an opportunity to fine-tune operations and services ahead of the official event next year, and covers everything from competition, venues, epidemic prevention, and medical treatment to logistics. JD has been entrusted to provide logistics for the event and its employee Song Xuewen is at the heart of the action.

JD’s Song Xuewen during his time as a courier

Song is part of the team managing JD Logistics’ support of the Winter Olympics. In advance of the 10-day test competition, the team has undergone meticulous preparation, facilitating the transportation of over 4,000 items of furniture as well as emergency goods. “There are tons of rooms that all need to be outfitted with furniture such as desks and chairs. We need to deliver and install the furniture according to the floor plan for each room,” Song said. “Through the tests, we figure out how to optimize our systems to be even more efficient and precise,” he added.

Song is excited to have the opportunity to experience and support the Olympics test run. He said: “Ordinarily, we’re focused on completing our own tasks and delivering to individual customers. In a sense, supporting this highly professional project is also society’s acknowledgement of what we do every day. It’s great to have the opportunity to participate in and witness the successful completion of the test events.”

The JD Logistics team supporting the Beijing Olympics test run

Song, who hails from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and joined JD in 2011, is no stranger to being entrusted with important responsibilities. In his 10 years with the company, he has been promoted from courier to delivery station head, and is now helping to manage the Beijing Olympics test run project.

As a courier, Song covered 320,000 kilometers and delivered 300,000 packages in the span of 10 years —with zero errors, zero complaints, and zero safety incidents. He was among a group of model workers awarded across China by the Chinese government in its National Model Workers and Advanced Workers awards announced on Nov. 24th last year. In addition to being a model worker in the eyes of the Chinese government, he also embodies JD’s noble principle of doing the right thing. Song has gained a reputation of trust and reliability among his customers by never refusing a request as long as it is doable. “Even when I’m on holiday, customers will always ask for me.”