Mar 4, 2020|

JD Makes 15 Million Masks Exclusively Available to Hubei Customers


by Hui Zhang

JD Health together with Sinopharm Group Hubei will make 15 million masks exclusively available to customers in Hubei province to help address the mask shortage situation since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The first batch of 15 million masks went on sale on March 3. In order to ensure that more people can access masks, each consumer is entitled to buy four packs of masks (200 masks in total), and the price is as low as 1.98 yuan each. The orders can be delivered to all cities and counties in Hubei.

15 million masks exclusively available to customers in Hubei

Since mid-January, JD Health has donated one million masks and 60,000 medical and epidemic prevention supplies, including disinfectant, medical gloves and more to major hospitals and related institutions in Hubei province.

JD Health has also launched a new online platform to connect chronic disease patients in Hubei with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. The platform provides timely information on where they can get the drugs they need, online or offline. So far, the platform has already received over 17,000 requests for help from patients in Hubei, and 80% of the patients registered on the platform have successfully received the drugs they need.