Dec 7, 2020|

JD MRO Data Reveals Strong Recovery Growth of China’s Industrial Enterprises


by Vivian Yang

JD MRO data in November demonstrated strong growth of industrial manufacturing enterprises, which saw procurement increase 180% YOY – the highest in the industry.

Deming Ding, general manager of JD Industrial Technology under JD’s enterprise procurement business, JD Business, noted increasing demand for flexible supply chain support from industrial manufacturers this year. JD has been helping its clients to accelerate construction of digitalized MRO procurement management systems by providing one-stop intelligent procurement services and integrated supply chain solutions.

Deming Ding, general manager of JD Industrial Technology 

Deming Ding, general manager of JD Industrial Technology 

JD’s MRO services system, known as Jing Gong Bang (京工帮, literally translated as JD Industry Helper) is developed for this purpose, offering a number of highly professional and tailored services, such as dispatching service staff and engineers on site to provide pre-sales advice and guidance to complete the procurement process, matching various clients’ fulfilment demands with the most suitable JD warehouses and distribution centers, and providing timely responses  for aftersales services.

Currently, JD has warehoused over 50 million items of standardized MRO products that can be procured through its digital platform, ranging from as small as bearings and precision parts, to as large as forklifts and other large-sized professional equipment that needs customized manufacturing.

According to Ding, JD Industrial Technology strives to create a digitalized ecosystem for this industry through improving infrastructure, building digital links, and providing integrated and professional service systems so as to establish seamless connections among the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain

National Statistics Bureau data from November showed that China’s PMI (purchasing managers’ index) stood at 52.2%, up by 0.7% from the previous month and the highest since September 2017.  Also in November, profits of above-scale industrial enterprises rose by 5.4% YOY, with growth rate moving from negative to positive for the first time this year, signaling continuous operational improvement of industrial enterprises.