Jan 14, 2021|

JD on National TV: Couriers Secure Community Supply


by Yuchuan Wang

Chinese National TV reported on the story of Zhou Yan, a JD courier in Shijiazhuang, the current epicenter of COVID-19 in China. The story, released yesterday focused on how Yan’s continuous delivery ensures people’s livelihoods.

Working at JD’s Mingzhu delivery station in Shijiazhuang, Zhou is a native of the area. Since the spike in COVID-19 cases in January, he has remained at his post delivering daily necessities to customers.

Zhou Yan, JD courier

“Currently we disinfect our delivery station and all the vehicles twice a day,” said Zhou. “We also disinfect every parcel when they had arrived at our station and before handing them over to our customers.”

On Jan. 6, a photo of Zhou went viral on Chinese social media. He bought breakfast from a convenience store and chose to eat outside instead. “My job makes me meet a lot of people every day. Protecting myself means protecting others,” explained Zhou.

Zhou eating breakfast outside a convenience store in Shijiazhuang

JD prepared sufficient masks, disinfectant and other protective materials, as well as food to secure the safety of frontline workers in Shijiazhuang. All of the JD couriers in the city have been nucleic acid tested twice to ensure safe delivery to communities. On Jan. 10, JD also helped National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration deliver 3,000 tents to Shijiazhuang.