Jan 11, 2021|

JD Partners with Lenovo Image in Lower-Tier Markets


by Kelly Dawson

JD.com’s omnichannel JD Computer and Digital Products franchise stores are partnering with Lenovo Image to offer printer products and services to customers of the offline stores. Combining JD’s quality assurance and advanced supply chain with Lenovo Image’s high-quality products and comprehensive customer service experience, the partnership will offer customers on-site consultation, extended warranty and after-sales maintenance services, technical support, and one-hour express service delivery in some cities.

Additionally, staff at the stores will receive Lenovo Image’s service training and guidance to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Eighty percent of JD Computer and Digital Products stores are located in third- to sixth-tier cities, where consumers have been slower to warm to an online-only model for electronic devices, preferring to test products first before purchase.

JD opened the first computer and digital products experience store in 2018. Today, there are around 700 such JD stores across China, with 90 offline stores opened in April alone. Of these stores, 533 are in 3rd to 6th-tier cities, covering 30 provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions.

JD has previously partnered with Lenovo on C2M initiatives, including customized products for series including Lenovo’s AIO business-integrated desktop PCs.

Weichang Li, general manager of Lenovo’s PC consumption department, said that Lenovo’s cooperation with JD felt significantly more hands-on than with some previous partners.

“What we talked about the most with foreign supply chain partners was just the price, while the cooperation between JD and Lenovo has always focused on consumers’ demands,” Li said.