Feb 1, 2021|

JD Pet Brings Chinese New Year Warmth to Homeless Animals


by Rachel Liu

As its Chinese New Year Grand Promotion continues, JD hasn’t forgotten to bring warmth to homeless animals.  JD Pet, together with charity organizations including NPI, a Shanghai-based charity organization, Beijing Animal Adoption Day, as well as pet product brands including Mars, My Foodie, Nature Bridge and more have donated 10,000kg pet food for homeless animals.

“As Chinese New Year comes, we hope to bring a warm and comfortable festival for animals too,” said a JD Pet representative. “The brands were also very active to support the program. We encourage society to care more about the living conditions of homeless animals, and also, JD will leverage its supply chain advantage to provide more support for charity programs.”

This is not the first time JD has been involved in animal related charity programs. In early 2020, JD worked with over 10 brands including Wanpy and BLACKHAWK to donate 5,000kg of pet food and 6,000 boxes of medicines to the Wuhan Animal Care Organization to help over 3,000 animals in danger under COVID-19. During the last Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD Pet, working with JD Logistics and charity programs like Animals Asia and several pet brands, launched the initiative to encourage customers to remake the delivery boxes into shelters for animals. Over 50,000 customers joined the initiative.