Feb 1, 2021|

Two European Jewelry Brands Join JD


by Hui Zhang

Two jewelry brands, Rosantica by Michela Penero from Italy and COLLEC from France, launched official flagship stores on JD.com to bring their world-class products to JD’s consumers.

The brands will introduce their classic collections through flagship stores. Rosantica will bring its handmade jewelry and bags to JD. COLLEC, whose name is derived from “Collective of Artists”, will bring its new jewelry collection COLLEC x LEXIE LIU “Meta Ego”, which was co-created with Chinese singer Lexie Liu. Meanwhile, the French brand will also release a new collection, Rubik’s X COLLEC, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Rubik’s Cube.

Rosantica Bags

The partnership with JD will empower the two niche brands to reach more Chinese consumers, taking advantage of its technology-based e-commerce solutions, from marketing to logistics, JD.com’s big data analysis, smart logistics, and supply chain management. Meanwhile, premium services including JD Luxury Express and 24/7 consumer service will ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Rosantica was founded in Milan in 2007 by renowned Italian designer Michela Panero. The brand retains the bejeweled design style in 1920s, inspired by ancient Rome, Greece and other classical cities. It makes full use of satin, velvet, pearls, and more to create exquisite jewelry and bags.

Rosantica jewelry

With a belief in design and creativity, COLLEC works with multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of talents to co-design each of its collections. COLLEC believes that outstanding outcomes stem from people with diverse backgrounds, thus each of the brand’s collections originates from partnership with talent from around the world, active in music, cinema, fashion or art.

“The introduction of the two niche brands will bring a variety of jewelry and other products to JD’s consumers and enrich our platform’s product categories,” said a spokesperson from JD. Meanwhile, JD will leverage its capabilities give the two brands exposure to more Chinese consumers,”