Apr 16, 2020|

JD Provides Exclusive Full-price Trade-in Service for New iPhone SE


by Rachel Liu

On April 17th, JD will start pre-orders for the new, second-generation iPhone SE with an exclusive full-price trade-in service.

JD customers who opt into the program can buy the iPhone SE now, and have the chance to deduct the full price of the iPhone SE off the purchase of the next newly released model of iPhone. JD is the first platform in China to provide this full-price trade-in service for Apple products, aiming at increasing customer’s loyalty.

Iphone SE White

On March 19th, JD launched a door-to-door trade-in service for Apple’s new iPad Pro and Macbook Air coupled with the release of the products. Customers who order the new products are able to trade-in their old electronics products when the new products are delivered to their doors. In some areas, the whole process can be completed in  2 hours. The newly launched trade-in services have expanded the comprehensive service package covering all activities from purchase to after-sales that JD launched with Apple in 2018.