Jun 28, 2022|

JD Report: China’ s Eye-Care Market Has Huge Potential


by Vivian Yang

China’s eye-care products and services market is predicted to be the next big thing, according to a report issued by JD.com’s Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute on June 20th.

According to the report, the company’s sales data from this January to May showed that the amount of online ophthalmic consultations on JD Health rose over 90 percent YoY, and transaction volume of relevant products for internal administration and external use increased by 173 percent and 210 percent YoY respectively.

The rapid expansion of consumer groups and their use cases have propelled the boom, said Zhenzhen Chai, senior researcher of the institute, noting that people’s heavy use of digital products has led to rising eye problems such as myopia, eye fatigue and dry eyes among all age groups, who desire new treatments that more effectively treat the conditions.

Not only are elderly people seeking eye health support on JD Health; students (16 percent) and office workers (25 percent) who spend long hours watching screens compose a large part of consumers for eye-care products, also account for a significant portion of customers. They need both long-term and convenient products that can be applied at any time – in homes, offices, schools, for exercising outdoors, and while driving and other scenarios. This is widening the market for product makers to improve and extend their product ecosystem while ensuring their quality and safety given the particularity of eye use, said Zhen.

In terms of product preferences from different age groups, younger people choose more products for external use with steam eye masks, eye massagers and warm eye masks being the top three products, with 501 percent, 111 percent and 109 percent YoY sales increases respectively.

Consumers from China’s fifth-tier cities and below are the largest group of eye-care product shoppers on JD.com, representing 36 percent of all users; and people from the first to fourth-tier cities range from 22 to 9 percent respectively.

At the same time, people of a wider age spectrum are becoming accustomed to asking for an ophthalmologist online before going to the hospital, with 42 percent of users aged from 26 to 35, and 10 percent from 46 to 55. The role of telemedicine with AI technology in triage and assisting the whole process of health management has been further acknowledged on the market.

According to the report, the most popular eye care services booked on JD Health are femtosecond laser surgery for myopia, prescription for Ortho-K lenses, and the examination service before ophthalmic surgery.