Aug 17, 2020|

JD Rolls Out Leasing Service for SMEs’ Recovery


by Vivian Yang launched a leasing service for computers and digital products targeting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through JD’s leasing platform, enterprise users can rent many types of office computers at favorable prices, for instance, ThinkPadE14 at RMB 99/month, ThinkPadL13 at RMB198/month and ThinkCentre K70 desktop at RMB128/month. This innovative leasing business model comes at a time when many SMEs in China are facing operations and cash flow pressures in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

To ensure users can enjoy smooth operation and data security while they use the rental hardware, the JD Computer and Digital Products business unit will provide professional and timely operation and maintenance support.

This leasing service is especially suitable for SMEs looking to expand their business scale and channels network, participate in exhibitions, organize temporary projects or host marketing events, among other usage scenarios. In these situations, renting is a more sensible solution than buying, helping enterprises to reduce cash flow pressure and avoid a range of IT purchase and management challenges.

“We hope that through an innovative business model like the leasing service, JD can help SMEs to improve their capital utilization efficiency so as to overcome the financial difficulties they may be facing at present,” said Xiaobo Guo, general manager of the enterprise business unit of JD Computer and Digital Products.

According to Guo, JD has been committed to providing one-stop product and service solutions for its enterprise customers. The JD-initiated leasing service helps advance China’s leasing market, which is still at a nascent stage with less than 5% market penetration.