Feb 25, 2021|

JD Shares Its Innovative Cooperation with Fashion Brands in New Normal


by Hui Zhang

Kevin Jiang, president of international business, JD Fashion and Lifestyle, participated in a webinar hosted by the Chinese edition of WWD, and the British Fashion Council on Feb. 23 to discuss how the fashion industry is taking action to digitalize in the new normal.

British designer Anya Hindmarch, Yushan Li and Jun Zhou of Shanghai-based label Pronounce and CEO of Tomorrow Stefano Martinetto were also on the panel.

“JD is at the front of digitalization and has taken advantage of its strength in supply chain and technology to cooperate with brands and designers in innovative ways,” said Jiang.

He introduced how JD helped brands and designers to deal with the impact of the pandemic, including omnichannel solutions, AR/VR technology, precise consumer targeting and more.

JD opened its omnichannel solutions to Prada and Miu Miu by integrating JD’s inventory with their internal inventories to bring a wide range of products to JD’s consumers in October 2020. Jiang mentioned that JD’s AR/VR technology allows customers to interact with products and have a more personal online experience. JD shared market insights with the brands to help them precisely target their consumers.

When asked about the cooperation with BFC and support of London Fashion Week. Jiang said that JD has always been committed to promoting the exchange of Chinese and British designers at the London Fashion Week. He said JD has supported brands such as Xu Zhi, HLA, HAZZYS, Feng Chen Wang(王逢陈) to attend London Fashion Week. Meanwhile, JD collaborated with BFC in 2020 to launch digital London Fashion Week (LFW) exclusively in China. JD.com became the official digital hub of the LFW platform in China.

The number of viewers watching the webinar live exceeded 260,000. Views have already exceeded 12 million views.

Sir David Beckham, ambassadorial president of the BFC, and Angelica Cheung, a fashion media veteran, also contributed their ideas during the digital event.