Nov 12, 2020|

JD Singles Day Wrap-up #3: JD Puts Products from around The World at Consumers’ Fingertips


by Martin Li

JD’s cross-border e-commerce platform has brought products in and out of China to consumers, putting a variety of quality products at consumers’ fingertips.

Thanks to JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, global borders are no barrier for Chinese consumers who want to purchase milk powder from New Zealand, watches from Switzerland, pet food from England and more.

Dr. Jianguang Shen, Chief Economist of JD Digits,said: “The recovery in the overseas markets has boosted China’s exports, helping factories to resume production and enhancing consumers’ confidence. All these provided positive conditions for the Singles Day event to hit a new high.”

The best-selling imported brands this Singles Day include Apple, Sony, Siemens, Phillips and Panasonic. Best-selling products include the Apple iPhone series, Lancôme toner, Sharp’s 60-inch smart internet liquid crystal TV, the HP Zhan66 14-inch light laptop, and the Siemens 610L refrigerator.

The proportion of female consumers of imported products is 21.2% higher than the JD platform average. Consumers in this category are generally three years younger than the JD average.

Global Sales, JD’s outbound e-commerce platform, also witnessed a 144% growth in transaction volume.

The top three fastest growing markets were New Zealand, the United States and Hong Kong SAR.

Among the popular products with overseas consumers were outdoor toys, drinks, diapers, pet products and household products.

Outdoor toy sales increased by 747% year on year. Plus, JD’s private label products saw a 350% growth in number of orders.