Mar 10, 2022|

JD Super Releases “2022 On-Demand Consumption Trend Report”


by Mengyang He

JD Super,’s online supermarket business, released the “2022 On-Demand Consumption Trend Report” on March 5, revealing the latest trends of on-demand consumption based on Shop Now consumption data. The report shows that supermarket goods are the main category of on-demand consumption, and there are 9 consumption trends, including first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) where the majority of Shop Now consumption takes place.

Shop Now, jointly launched by and Dada Group last October, is a new business dedicated for JD’s on-demand consumer retail section, and it will more easily connect JD’s more than 550 million customers with products offering delivery within one hour.

According to the report, the top 5 cities that use Shop Now services are Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shanghai. Beer, snacks, paper towels, baby formula, and menstrual pads make the list for top 5 categories of on-demand consumption, ranging from partying, and emergency use.

Meanwhile, the consumption preferences in different cities vary from one another. The most purchased products by consumers in Beijing are condiments, such as sesame oil, and the most purchased products in Guangzhou are shampoo and other daily necessities. Additionally, the proportion of orders for snacks purchased in Beijing has reached 45 percent.

On demographics, consumers under the age of 35 account for 55 percent. Consumers over the age of 46 have gradually joined the Shop Now consumer group, taking up 24 percent and are keen to purchase daily necessities such as soybean oil through Shop Now services.

The growth rate of female consumers born after the year of 2000 has exceeded 6 times YOY. Many post-2000 females tend to purchase high-quality nutritional products such as premium milk through Shop Now. Another high-growth group are mothers born after 1995, which has increased sixfold YOY in 2021.

At present, JD Super with Shop Now services have covered more than 34,000 physical stores, providing immediate consumption services to consumers in nearly 400 cities across China. It has become an increasingly common choice for consumers to visit JD Super online from home, purchase daily necessities, and enjoy the one-hour delivery experience.