Mar 10, 2021|

JD to Open Third E-Space Store in Xi’an


by Rachel Liu

JD’s third E-Space store will open in Shenglong Square, a business area in Weiyang District, north of Xi’an, which was announced on Mar. 9. The store will be about 42,000 square meters and carry 200,000 kinds of products online and offline.

This is JD’s third E-Space store after the Chongqing store opened in 2019, and the Hefei store that will open this year.

The JD E-Space store focuses on offering unique and immersive experiences, allowing customers to interact fully with state-of-the-art, innovative, and smart products. The stores feature popular and best-selling products from electronics, home appliances, and digital accessories to health, fitness and beauty products, office supplies and more. The Chongqing store has become a “must-visit” place for local customers and topped the most favored fashion and entertainment location among local residents.

Xi’an is the largest city in Northwest China with over 10 million residents. The city’s GDP surpassed RMB 1 trillion yuan in 2020 and has massive consumption potential. The JD E-Space store will bring a new shopping experience to local customers.

“Since launching in Xi’an in 2014, the Shenglong Square has been bringing new stores and brands to local residents,” said Yuan Cheng, its general manager. “We hope that we can work with JD E-Space to further upgrade the lifestyle and shopping experience for the neighborhood.”

“JD E-Space is not just for shopping, but also provides an immersive experience for new products and technology,” said Xing Jing, vice president of JD 5Star. “We believe the experiential model is the trend of the next decade, and will attract the new generation.”