Jan 18, 2023|

JD to Provide RMB 500 Million Allowances to Front-line Workers during Chinese New Year


by Yuchuan Wang

2023 marks the eleventh year that JD.com will provide standard delivery service during the Chinese New Year holiday, in 366 cities and 1,700 districts and counties across China. JD Logistics has announced that it will provide RMB 500 million in allowances to front-line workers who opt to working during the holiday, ensuring benefits higher than the national standard.

The allowances will also be used for a family gathering program that enables employees’ kids to travel from other places to visit their parents working away from home. This program, which was announced in 2014 by Chairman Richard Liu, gives employees who live apart from their children a special cash payment so that the children can travel to visit their parents during the CNY holiday. Later the program was extended to childless employees as an extra stipend for their holiday work.

Hui Liu is a female courier in Beijing, and she was the first employee on her team to apply for working during the holiday. She plans to bring her two children from Handan, Hebei province to Beijing to celebrate the Year of Rabbit. “My husband also supports my decision,” she said. “Apart from all kinds of allowances, I can also earn thousands of extra RMB.”

For these employees, JD Logistics will also offer a more flexible rotation policy so that they can enjoy vacations before or after the week-long national holiday. Jiquan Zang, a courier in Beijing, recently visited his parents-in-law before the holiday; Binbin Cui, a courier in Qinghai province plans to go back to his hometown in Henan province on the day of Lantern Festival, which is 14 days after the Chinese New Year’s Day; Wenxiong Chen, a courier in Fujian province, has promised his daughter to bring her to visit the ancient city of Licheng after this holiday.

Eleven years ago, JD.com was the first e-commerce company in China to commit to delivery during CNY, featuring standard service without delays or extra fees. This year, Deppon Logistics will also join JD Logistics in securing delivery. Moreover, 600 autonomous vehicles and over 100 indoor robots will also join the crew to fulfill last-mile delivery in 30 cities in China.