Jan 15, 2021|

JD to Provide Transportation Support for Global Aid to Hebei


by Yuchuan Wang

To fully support Hebei province in fighting against COVID-19 and ensure the supply of people’s daily needs, JD Logistics announced today that it will launch a special channel for the transportation of global aid to Hebei, starting from 8 AM on Jan. 16. The details are as following:

1. The channel is open for the transportation needs of anti-pandemic materials to Hebei from governments, public welfare organizations, enterprises and medical apparatus and instruments manufacturers. It is not open to individual donations as of now.

2.Institutions and organizations may contact JD by calling +86 950616. JD will verify and act as soon as possible.

3.JD will release the details of aid materials and organizations regularly for public supervision.

JD also call on all of its partners to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.