Jan 15, 2021|

JD Facilitates Smooth Delivery of Traditional Dish ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’


by Hui Zhang

JD Fresh kicked off an annual sales promotion on Jan.13 for the upcoming Spring Festival which falls on Feb. 12, and one of the ready to cook dishes — Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (Fotiaoqiang)— was widely welcomed by Chinese consumers.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which used to be a common cuisine in high-end restaurants, is one of the traditional dishes originating from Fujian province. The dish, which usually needs one to two days to prepare, consists of many ingredients, including abalone, sea cucumber, ginseng and scallops. Luxury version of recipes even require up to 30 main ingredients and 12 condiments. All the ingredients are simmered for long hours over a slow fire to ensure the essence can be extracted.

The name comes from a story in which a monk jumped over a wall to eat some of this dish, which was cooked at a home nearby. Although monks are not allowed to eat meat, he replied that it was so good that even a buddha couldn’t hold himself by jumping over a wall to taste it.

As COVID-19 cases spike in China, 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China have already called on local residents to refrain from traveling for the upcoming Spring Festival. For young consumers who don’t know how to cook a big and fancy meal to celebrate the annual festival, ready-to-cook products have become one of their convenient and favorite choices.

As Chinese customers have increasing disposable income, combined with the fast-paced lifestyle in cities, they have more demand for buying convenient food online. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall witnessed significant sales growth during the 2020 Single’s Day Grand Promotion on JD as sales of the dish increased by over 4 times within only 5 minutes during the shopping event.

“JD’s supply chain, ecommerce team and logistics advantages can help enterprises and restaurants to better understand their target consumers, and will ensure high quality products reach consumers quickly and securely,” said a purchasing manager from JD Fresh.