Nov 20, 2020|

JD to Upgrade 100 Delivery Stations to “JD Express”


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics will upgrade 100 existing delivery stations across 10 cities in China to “JD Express”. The upgrade has begun since November and will further complete JD’s express service network and improve service level.

The upgrade will transform the delivery stations from operation hubs to management hubs. This change is a reflection of the development of the JD Express business, which started purely as a delivery business, but now also places a significant emphasis on pickup. As such, in addition to a unified brand image and decorations, the upgrade will also involve offices and meeting rooms as well as other client-friendly resources such as a beverage bar, as well as recycling and laundry for nearby residents.

The flagship stations will also integrate smart devices which are vital to improving logistics efficiency. The smart systems applied in these flagship stations will help couriers more efficiently deal with parcel delivery and collection. Smart technology integration has already been proven to increase efficiency in JD’s delivery stations. For example, in the smart delivery station in Yizhuang (Beijing’s economic-technological development area), adopting smart sorting devices and other technology enables the station to sort as many as 15,000 orders a day, 5 times the amount of a single traditional delivery station.

“JD will continue to expand the coverage of its flagship stations through continuous business model and technology innovation, and enable even faster, more efficient and convenient delivery services for our customers and partners,” said a JD Express representative.