Aug 10, 2020|

JD Wins Influential Domestic Auto-aftermarket Award


by Ella Kidron

JD Auto was awarded “Most Influential Supply Chain Platform” last week in Shanghai during the 2020 Summit of China Auto Aftermarket Channel and Supply Chain hosted by Aftermarket China (AC汽车), a domestic auto aftermarket media outlet. The award reflects the fact that JD’s updated positioning as a supply chain-based technology and services company has fully-infiltrated its auto business.

JD awarded Most Influential Supply Chain Platform by Aftermarket China (AC汽车)

JD has continued to strengthen its position in the auto aftermarket by using its supply chain advantages to provide integrated services. In November 2019, JD Auto launched a network to optimize the supply chain of spare auto parts by helping match needs between manufacturers, brands and dealers. The alliance, called Yunpei Lianmeng (云配联盟), roughly translated as the Cloud Matching Alliance, currently covers over 7,000 registered merchants and has more than 50 core members. One of them, Sail, saw sales exceed the total annual performance of 2018, only two months after having joined. The products from the alliance are indicated by a Yunpei Youxian (云配优先) logo on JD’s app. Furthermore, the flagship store for Yunpei Youxian helps brands in the alliance increase their influence among car owners by relying on JD’s data advantages.

Earlier, in March 2019, JD released a series of products under the self-owned brand Jauto (Chinese name: 京安途). The series currently covers all categories related to the auto-aftermarket. It is the first such brand in the industry to cover engine oil, tires, accessories and more. The products are sold at nearly 500 dealers and serve over 10 million car owners. Again, JD’s supply chain advantages have helped to create a coordinated distribution channel mechanism from manufacturer to dealer (JD Auto Service, Chinese name:京车会) to car owner. Products are delivered to more than 1,000 JD Auto Service offline stores covering over 120 cities. At the same time, price synchronization online and offline forms a closed loop for transactions. Online, thanks to the traffic advantages of JD’s 80 million car owners, to promote purchases in offline channels.

JAuto product line

With JAuto as the starting point, JD’s auto business has been able to establish a tightly controlled product supply chain system. Thanks to strengthening of its digital capabilities and advantages in purchase, sale and inventory management for core dealers and JD Auto Service stores, JAuto has helped partners maximize efficiency and reduce costs.