Apr 10, 2023|

JD Worldwide and O’PURE Bring the Fresh Taste of New Zealand to China with Exclusive Milk Launch on JD’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform


by Vivian Yang

On March 29, JD Worldwide, the cross-border e-commerce arm of JD.com, and O’PURE, the New Zealand natural artesian water producer, jointly announced the debut of two new dairy products, O’PURE original imported milk and JD PLUS co-branded milk, exclusively on JD’s platform in China.

At the launch ceremony, Liu Lu, Chairman of New Zealand-based Eastpac Corporation Group, the holding company of O‘PURE, explained that the dairy products produced in New Zealand’s natural pastures contain 4.0g of milk protein and 130mg of calcium per 100ml. As a result, these milk products are rich in nutrition and have a fresh taste that consumers will appreciate.

JD PLUS, JD.com’s premium membership program, is the first paid membership program in China’s e-commerce industry and has over 30 million active members who demonstrate high spending power, engagement, and customer loyalty on the platform. The new release of O’PURE‘s and JD PLUS co-branded product will be exclusively available to JD PLUS members, allowing them to access high-quality milk products that are not readily available in China.

JD Worldwide’s representative highlighted the company’s commitment to inviting more country-of-origin food and beverage brands from New Zealand to enter the Chinese market through JD’s efficient e-commerce channel.

JD’s cross-border e-commerce network is open to brands and merchants from around the world and provides them with one-stop cross-border supply chain services. The network’s world-leading logistics capabilities, including cross-border transportation and bonded warehouses, ensure that same or next-day delivery is available for imported products in first and second-tier cities across China, with the fastest order fulfillment at customers’ doorsteps within 1.5 hours.

In addition to the new milk offerings, Liu shared that O’PURE plans to bring more high-end products, such as goat milk and Manuka honey, to China. O’PURE’s partnership with JD.com has allowed the company to cut middlemen out of the trade process, making it possible to offer more favorable prices to Chinese consumers.

The partnership between JD Worldwide and O’PURE highlights the increasing demand for high-quality imported products in the Chinese market and demonstrates JD’s commitment to providing Chinese consumers with easy access to a wide range of quality products from around the world.