Apr 7, 2023|

JD.com Launches France E-Commerce Week with the Country Pavilion Seeing Sales Doubled in 2022


Beijing, April 7, 2023 – During French President Emmanuel Macron’s official state visit to China this week, JD.com proudly announced its “France E-commerce Week” promotion beginning April 6. The week-long celebration will showcase and offer discounts on high-quality French products.

JD.com has emerged as a crucial channel for French brands and merchants to succeed in China. With a rapidly increasing number of nationwide consumers relying on JD.com for their shopping needs, the platform has become a go-to destination for launching top brands. JD.com was the first e-commerce company to partner with LVMH to bring ten top fashion brands to its platform, including Louis Vuitton, DIOR, and more. In 2022, fashion giants including Maison Margiela, Roger Vivier, and Longchamp all launched their flagship stores on JD.com, cementing the platform’s status as a trusted partner for French luxury brands.

JD.com has been tremendously successful in promoting French products in China, solidifying its position as the largest online retail channel for French brands such as Hennessey and Remy Martin. The company’s national pavilion of France, a country-themed online flagship store, recorded a year-on-year growth of 100% in sales in 2022, and sales of French brands on JD’s cross-border platform, JD Worldwide, also experienced fast growth, such as René Furterer saw 200% year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2023. In March, sales of French wine increased 230% year-on-year. JD.com sources wine from all 61 of the Bordeaux chateaux included in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification for red wine producers.

JD.com’s unparalleled e-commerce expertise, quick enrollment approach for overseas merchants, supply chain and logistics capabilities, and its nearly 600 million consumers provide the foundation necessary for more French brands to succeed in China. JD.com looks forward to continuing to work with French brands and merchants to bring high-quality products to Chinese consumers.