Feb 25, 2021|

JD Worldwide Holds Online Conference to Recruit Overseas Brands


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, held its first online conference this year on Feb 25 for potential partners and third-party companies, aiming to introduce more overseas brands to the platform. The online conference introduced the latest strategy of JDW and the new projects it is initiating to help overseas brands grow in China.

Through the conference, JD Worldwide hopes to convey that it is embracing brands around the world to join the platform, and will work with third-party companies to support the brands on operations, marketing and more to rise in the market, which has high potential.

Luke Liu, general manager of business development of JD Worldwide, introduced the new strategy of the business for 2021. “JD Worldwide is a young, vibrant and fast growing platform. We welcome more and more brands who want to explore the Chinese market to work with us, and will leverage our rich resources on supply chain, marketing and operations to empower the brands, providing customized solutions for brands based on their situations,” said Liu. JD Worldwide aims to work with 1,000 partners to reach 8,000 overseas brands in 2021.

JD Worldwide also introduced its new projects of 2021 that will help brands gain more exposure and maintain healthy growth.

JD Worldwide also introduced its new projects of 2021 that will help brands gain more exposure and maintain healthy growth. One of them is the “World Fair” project, which welcomes companies and organizations from all over the world to open National Pavilions on JD under the support of relevant governments and embassies, to provide high quality products, travelling and cultural information for customers. Other new projects include the development of the third-party ecosystem, celebrity endorsed stores, duty free stores, and more.

Founded in 2015, JD Worldwide now has over 20,000 brands and 10 million SKUs from over 100 countries. Any brands interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via https://www.jd.hk/cooperation_en, or by emailing worldwide_BD@jd.com and adding the “JDworldwideBD” account via Wechat.

According to the data of iiMedia Research, the transaction volume of China’s cross-border ecommerce business is estimated to reach RMB 12.7 trillion yuan, and the total number of cross-border ecommerce customers is estimated to surpass 200 million. The cross-border market in China is huge and has great potential. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, many brands around the world have met difficulties to develop in local markets, and have taken action to enter the Chinese market.