Feb 25, 2021|

Over 100 JD Partners Won National Poverty Alleviation Awards


by Ling Cao

Many counties and cities in China have won awards and certificates for their contribution to the nation’s poverty alleviation. Among them, over 100 are JD’s partners in e-commerce poverty alleviation programs. A ceremony to honor the counties, cities and individuals was held in Beijing on Feb. 25.

Yong Liu, secretary of the Wuyi county party committee made remarks on receiving the award: “I’m so honored to have Wuyi on the list on this historic day. Wuyi has proactively developed innovative internet+ ways to combine e-commerce, technology and industry together in poverty alleviation efforts. One of the renowned examples is JD’s running chicken initiative.”

Under the initiative, JD fits each chicken with a specially designed pedometer, with the aim of tracking 160 days of each bird’s rearing process. The company uses blockchain technology for maximum quality assurance and full traceability. JD has produced a series of programs of other programs, including swimming duck and running pig.

In addition, JD’s social e-commerce platform Jingxi has helped local farmers sell products to consumers across China. From September 2019 until now, Jingxi’s service covered 100,000 factories and tens of thousands of farms, and sold out over one million local specialties.

Since January 2016, JD has helped the counties it cooperates with sell over three million kinds of products online, achieving sales of over RMB 100 billion, and helped over one million families increase their incomes.