Dec 14, 2023|

JD Worldwide Launches the “Bayern Pavilion” in Cross-Border E-Commerce Initiative


On December 8th, 2023, JD Worldwide, the cross-border e-commerce platform under, announced a new collaboration with the city of Munich, Bavaria (Bayern in German), and digital marketing agency Hylink to introduce the “Bayern Selectives Pavilion.” This themed flagship store is designed to provide Chinese consumers with a convenient one-stop online shopping experience to discover and purchase a variety of Bavarian products and cultural items.

The inaugural brands launched in the store include Roeckl, Die Rockmacherin, Werner Christ, and Online pens, featuring a diverse range of categories such as apparel, accessories, food and beverages, and stationery. In response to evolving consumer preferences, the Pavilion intends to expand its product range by offering skincare and beauty brands, delicacies, and many more.

During the pavilion’s opening ceremony, key partners from the state of Bavaria, including Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of Munich’s Department of Labour and Economic Development; Helmut Käs, Head of BMW Group Classic and Managing Director of Munich Tourism Promoting Association; Michael Käfer, CEO of Käfer; Caroline Lauenstein, founder of Die Rockmacherin; Alexandra and Thomas Batsch; and Alexander Apfel, founders and CEO of ONLINE, recorded video messages expressing their enthusiasm and support for the Bayern Select Pavilion, emphasizing its role in extending the reach and accessibility of premium Bavarian products to the Chinese market.

Tong Defa, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Munich, highlighted the significance of this collaboration as a milestone in Sino-German trade relations. In his remarks, he noted that “China is the world’s largest import market of cross-border e-commerce. JD Worldwide’s expansion will create increasing global opportunities, benefiting more countries and regions like Germany and the state of Bavaria.”

Luke Liu, Head of KA, duty-free and global sourcing in Europe of JD Worldwide, said, “We are thrilled to seamlessly integrate Bavaria’s premium brands and products, JD’s highly efficient sales channels, and the aspirations of Chinese consumers for high-quality goods through the establishment of the Bayern Selectives Pavilion. We strive to enhance services across consumer scenarios, marketing, quality of products and customer services, and merchant recruitment to become the preferred gateway for international brands entering the Chinese market.”

Wenjing Wang, Managing Director of Hylink Germany, which is the operator of the pavilion, said, “Hylink is dedicated to building communication bridges for premium brands between China and the world. Starting with the Bayern Selectives Pavilion project, we aim to collaborate closely with the Munich city to curate distinctive local products, inviting Chinese consumers to appreciate the craftsmanship, culture, and history of Bavaria.”

Imported European products, particularly those from Germany, have consistently found favor among Chinese consumers on According to the “2023 Report on European Imported Product Consumption Trends” by JD’s Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute, young consumers aged 26 to 35 account for 45% of European product purchases. Furthermore, there is a growing interest in European products among consumers in rural and county markets in China, with a high appreciation for goods made in Germany.