Dec 13, 2023|

JD Technology’s Supply Chain Financing Extends to Third-Party Warehouses


JD Technology, the technology services arm of, recently announced the opening of its supply chain finance services to third-party warehouses. In collaboration with Deppon Express, JD Technology now provides warehousing operations + mortgage financing solutions to clients in sectors ranging from home appliances to wine & spirits industries.

Since 2014, JD Technology has been at the forefront of offering logistics financing solutions tailored to industry needs. At present, JD’s mortgage financing offers loans secured against stored goods. This innovative platform supports real-time, automated management of collateral, enabling around-the-clock repayment options. For merchants selling through’s retail business, JD Retail, credit lines of up to RMB 10 million can be approved automatically, with funds made available instantly. This contrasts with traditional financial institutions, as non-JD Retail merchants benefit from simpler document submission requirements and a more efficient due diligence process.

Deppon Express operates in more than 60 cities and has 1.3 million square meters of warehouse space. It provides customized solutions for large and delicate items such as home appliances, furniture, and wine & spirits, and enhances JD’s supply chain financing in monitoring and managing goods in warehouses. JD Technology’s expertise in supply chain financing is anchored by three core capabilities: the efficient management of goods, accurate valuation of goods, and a robust network for goods disposal. Specifically, in terms of product admission and valuation, JD Technology can integrate online sales data to systematically and dynamically estimate the value of goods. This approach considers various factors, including historical transaction data, product price trends, and projected market demand, and more.

JD Technology’s logistics financing solutions are making a significant impact across nine key industries, ranging from home appliances to spirits, and encompassing sectors like computer and office supplies, mobile phones, as well as baby and maternal products. The scale of its operations is vast, having overseen more than 2,000 warehouses and managing an inventory valued at over 20 billion yuan.